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James Pyke


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The HAGFD premium 100% cotton t-shirt is a heavy cotton Tee that not only features an embroidered front logo and a fluffy rear logo but also includes a hidden "easter egg" message. This hidden message adds an element of surprise and fun to the shirt, providing an extra layer of creativity and uniqueness to the design. The heavy cotton material is a durable and long-lasting fabric that is comfortable to wear. The combination of premium quality, unique logos, and a hidden message makes this Tee a distinctive and intriguing choice for those looking for more than just a typical garment.

A creation by James Pyke, inspired by life and designed by Splurgeboy Rocket. James Pyke's inspiration from life and evolution adds a personal and meaningful touch to the design. Making it more than just an item of clothing but a piece of art.

Model is wearing a XXL

Wash inside out on a COLD wash with like colours.